The Jorubi Process

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The Jorubi Process

Jorubi Aloe Vera products are manufactured from quality Aloe Vera pulps

Mature leaves are harvested and promptly transferred by refrigerated trucks from the Rio Grande Valley to the processing plant in Dallas. Upon reaching the processing plant, the Aloe Vera leaves are unloaded and processed as follows:

The leaves are wasahed in a special disinfectant and bactericide to rid them of any field or handling contamination.

The leaves are rinsed in clean, running water.

Each leaf is then individually hand-stripped and filleted to eliminate pieces of green rind and most of the yellow sap, producing clear Aloe fillets.

The clear Aloe fillets are collected in stainless steel vats and channeled through steel pipes to mixing tanks (also made of stainless steel). Through a Jorubi special proprietary process, the fillets are cold stabilized to retain most, if not all, of the nutrients and other beneficial elements present in Aloe Vera.

The stabilized Aloe Vera is re-piped to more stainless steel tanks and then transferred to compounding departments where the Aloe Vera is formulated in the Aloe Vera Gel.

The products are finally channeled through separate stainless steel lines for packaging.

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