Insect Repellent FAQ

Insect Repellent FAQ

Jorubi’s Nature-Inspired Insect Repellent is DEET-free and made with a nature
inspired formula. It has a light feel and a gentle scent. Our repellent has a patented
technology (STAYTEC™) that helps the repellent keep biting bugs away for 13 hours.
The repellent is sweat- and water-resistant and rub-off resistant too. However,
Jorubi’s Nature-Inspired Insect Rep

The active ingredient in our repellent is IR3535®, a well-known insect repellent with
a long history of safety and efficacy. IR3535® is derived from Beta-alanine, a
naturally occurring amino acid. STAYTEC™, a patented long-lasting repellent
technology, is derived from seaweed and mushroom extracts. However, all of the
ingredients in the formula aren’t “natural.”

Repellents that aren’t enhanced with STAYTEC™ can work––for a while. Those
repellents are quickly absorbed into the skin or evaporated by the sun decreasing its
efficacy. You may need to reapply that repellent frequently to stay protected.
When a repellent is enhanced with STAYTEC™, it protects by creating a long-lasting
barrier to insects that stays on the skin. With STAYTEC™, absorption is minimized
and the evaporation rate is slowed. STAYTEC™ allows for stronger and longer

From the manufacturer, Merck KGaA: “Insects use natural odors to navigate. There
are various substances in nature which provide signals to insects. For example, there
are substances which help male mosquitoes find females or guide females to a host
where they can feed on blood. IR3535® is based on a natural amino acid called ßalanine. It sends out a simple message to these insects: Stay away! So IR3535® is a
repellent that tells insects to move away from skin, textiles, and hair. Some repellents
also have insecticidal effect, which means they may actually kill insects after contact.
This is not the case with IR3535®, which only sends out a message to go away and
does not harm insects.”

Studies conducted at the Laboratorios Ecolyzer, an independent accredited lab in
Brazil and the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine showed 13+ hour
protection times.

We’re proud to make a repellent that’s safe for (almost) everyone. We don’t
recommend our repellent for newborns less than two-months-old. The formula is safe
for pregnant and breastfeeding women. (See and CDC, Centers for Disease
Control and Prevention, Chapter Two, Pre-travel consultation, Children and
Pregnant Women.)

The formula hasn’t been tested for use on pets. Merck, the manufacturer of our active
ingredient, IR3535@, reports the repellent is safe for pets.

The formula can be worn with sunscreen. Sunscreen is meant to seep into the skin. It
should be applied first. The Jorubi’s Nature-Inspired Insect Repellent must be applied
last to effectively repel insects.

Our repellent should be stored in a cool, dry place away from heat, flame or exposure
to sunlight. Low temperatures help to increase shelf life.

Our repellent can cause irritation if rubbed in the eyes. First, rinse your eye with
water, then consult a physician or your local poison control center if eye irritation

The repellent can cause slight marring of resin-based plastics, leather and painted
surfaces including nail polish.

DEET has been in use for 75 years. It’s considered safe and effective–for a short period
of time. DEET, a neurotoxin, is absorbed into the body after a few hours.
The active ingredient in Jorubi’s Nature-Inspired Repellent, IR3535®, is not a neurotoxin. It has a long and impressive safety and efficacy record. STAYTEC™ keeps the formula on the skin where it can repel mosquitoes. It resists absorption by the body and evaporation by the sun. One application of our repellent
protects for 13 hours.

Jorubi’s Nature-Inspired Insect Repellent isn’t a WWII-era product. It’s a new, revolutionary repellent that delivers safety, efficacy, a great user experience and staying power unlike any other repellent.

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